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Find answer to frequently asked technology questions at Baldwin Wallace University.

  • How to add a BW Printer to your computer
    SUMMARY: Type here to seach > \\bwprint > double-click desired printer

    IMPORTANT: Your computer must be connected to the Baldwin Wallace Network.

    1. 1. In the space labeled Type here to search type \\bwprint
    2. 2. Press Enter

    3. IMPORTANT: Remember to use 2 backslashs. The backslash is located above the enter or return key.

    4. 3. A window containing all network printers will open. Locate the printer you wish to add to your printer and double-click on the print.

    5. NOTE: If you are prompted with a printer window asking “Do you trust this printer” click Install driver.

    The printer is now added to your computer.

    Contact Baldwin Wallace University IT Support at (440) 826-7000 or helpdesk@bw.edu if you have trouble adding a BW Printer to your computer.

  • Guests of Baldwin Wallace can use the Guest Wi-Fi Network. This is an open network that does not require a password. It has very limited bandwidth and no access to BW systems. It is intended for temporary access to the internet and email.

    1. 1. Depending on your device, open your wireless access settings and choose the “BW_Guest” open wi-fi network.
    2. 2. Read and agree to the end-user agreement to connect.
  • Connecting a Windows 10 Computer to the BW Wi-Fi Network These directions are for Win10 computers owned by BW and issued to faculty/staff.

    1. 1. Bring your computer to the BW campus.
    2. 2. Connect your computer to the docking station in your office. It must be plugged into the wired wall connection with an ethernet cable.
    3. 3. Turn on your computer. Your updates should launch and run automatically. All campus-wide ‘group policy’ settings should update, including transitioning you to the new wireless network.
      • a. The amount of time this takes is dependent on how many updates need installed. Remember to run your updates regularly!
    4. 4. Once updated, you can use your computer wirelessly anywhere on campus.


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